Product design concept for a radiator 

Serendipity, concept for a competition

The word serendipity iindicates the lucky case making happy discoveries and above finding or encountering a thing unexpected while he stood looking for another. On this second meaning the concept is based on the term Project: reinterpreting the idea traditional of the towel warmer on the wall by inserting in the usual regular texture of tubes, of simple but effective variations unexpected events.  These connections in turn cooperate in defining a overall image which, while appearing at first sight familiar, attracts the viewer's gaze thank you simple unexpected gesture. The twists from which the metal tubes are made multiple variations are not alone simple decorative gestures, but they have a direct purpose and use and practical: they in fact create gods gaps or openings in the geometry of the heated towel rail that facilitate the inclusion of towels or the like, enhancing the role and function object in the bathroom.
The design principle is clear and readable: simple design gestures and intelligent empower an element plant engineering and functional as the towel warmer with the double result of making use of more easy and immediate and to confer to it the full dignity of element interior furnishings.
Thanks to its dynamic but measured design, the Serendipity towel warmer lends itself to be installed in many different types of rooms from bathroom, succeeding from time to time to establish a cordial but effective dialogue with the context. Serendipity is a towel warmer a compound hydraulic operation from tubular elements of 24 mm of diameter arranged horizontally. Between one element and another there is one space of 12 mm. Full and empty with the their plot define a rectangle, vertically oriented, of 500x1200 mm.
Product: Radiator concept
Client: Scirocco H
Creativity: Alessandro Squatrito with Marco Gazzola
Year: 2019

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