A digital platform for a new cashback service

Promore cashback platform

Promore is a multiplatform product for a cashback service dedicated to furnishing, accessories and home services.
The service was born from the collaboration between a real estate company ReMAX and a partner who deals with furniture. The idea is to offer a cashback service for the purchase of furniture and services to new property customers
The project began by analyzing and interviewing all stakeholders: agents, customers, furniture companies. After the analysis, in-depth customer journeys were created to understand all the points of the project. Subsequently, we moved on to designing the UX and delivering the first wireframes for testing.
The final step was the creation of the UI for both the mobile and desktop versions. Final tests were organized with the creation of the prototype.
The project was curated in collaboration with IDlab.
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Promore (Remax and Presso)




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