UX for a blast chillers app control

IRINOX professional 

Irinox is an Italian company that produces professional machines such as blast chillers and leaveners. For this project I followed the part of UX for an app for remote control of these machines. The project started on the basis of an existing control web page. The research phase in this case was very short because there was already a large documentation and a webapp on which to base the new mobile app.

At the beginning of the project I therefore understood the operation of the machines (they work for cycles and phases) and the interactions of the user.
I then tried to translate by constructing wireframes and flowcharts, the function flows of this app and the machine-user-app interactions.
I worked for simplification trying to mediate between the complexity of using the machines and the simplicity of use that must be proper to the app. The project was done for Connect Reply in collaboration with Glueglue.





UX research


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