3D printed connectors

Bye Textiel Museum

A case for transporting fabrics from the Textiel museum in Tilburg

The case was designed for traveling with selections from the ‘by textielmuseum’ collection and exhibiting them on location as well as presenting it in shop windows and to function as shop-in-shop.

Within the measurements and weigth restrictions of onboard luggage a system was devised that can be assembled into a modular exhibition stand that could showcase the towels and tablecloths in a variety of ways.
The lightweight yet stable structure references the classic sample suitcases that were brought along by sales representatives of linen manufacturers.
The suitecase is composed by aluminium frames connected by 3D printed connectors.
For this project, done while I was working at the Minale-Maeda studio, I took care of the research, modeling, molding and manufacturing part.

Textiele Museum Tilburg




3D modelling

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