Arduino kit for physic experiments in collaboration with Google.

Arduino science kit physics lab

During my collaboration with Arduino I worked as designer on different projects between exhibition, research and interaction.
Among these one of the last is Arduino Science Kit Physic Lab.
 Science kit is an Arduino product in collaboration with Google. A kit for middle school students, which interfaces with the Google science journal app. The idea is to create a kit that through simple and fun experiments can explain the basic concepts of physics to students. I worked with the Arduino team together, to translate the various experiments into products.
The project has several constraints: materials and number of pieces, experiments and limited budget. The parts are produced in PCB the same materia of the Arduino boards.
The pieces are in minimum numbers to allow a substantial number of experiments but keeping within the budget.
Standard products were then used to allow the assembly of the pieces. I dealt with the translation and interaction with the product and the app, with the prototyping and design part of the kit.

Arduino and Google




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