IoT bundle kit control app

3.ire IoT app control

The first project I worked on within Connect Reply was an interface project for IoT devices. As part of the entrance of the 3 Ireland IoT market, the business idea was to offer a home security bundle kit.

The project saw me as a senior UX designer. The steps for designing the app interface were: a period of desk research, a study of electronic devices, mapping of stakeholders and interviews to understand the company’s internal expectations and user needs. At this time, internal workshops have also been organized.

3 Ireland




UX research

Then, the return of search results, with the creation of customer journeys, flowcharts and early wireframes. Last step is the creation of all wireframes and tests followed by moments of exchange with the customer and continuous iterations. The project was done in collaboration with GlueGlue, a communication agency

My role in the project was facilitating workshops with clients, UX research with client and stakeholders, create UX and coordinate UI team.

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